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The World government, Computer Earth system 370 ECB and Gravity war for control of Europe civilizations


Schopenhauer wrote a book about  various relationships in the WORLD around year 1817. Other authors before him and after him  ...also, provided  their ideas to an interesting  and subtle puzzle. Today, in year 2012, a vast amount of information  is provided by  basic college math and science textbooks at the introduction level of subjects like: calculus, linear algebra, biochemistry, genetics, computer science, organic chemistry, or physics.   While these books have many pages......they provide a good  home reference library for any high school graduate with the will/determination / interest in knowledge ..which can be VIA self-education basic concepts.  These basic concepts help explain newspaper articles.

Thus let's look at how the Gravity field and how its thoughts interact with the atomic mass inside the human brain.  This interaction mechanism helps explain bio-gravity governments of some countries in Europe.
Recently, Nature  has created a new EARTH government under  Grand Unified  Theory  that interconnects various fields: gravity fields, magnetic fields, farm fields, atomic computer data fields, etc .
This new level is for Earth administration of subset humans and their subset human institutions andf various activities: economics and social engineering, etc.   This is a vast, interesting area of active research.

Gravity review -->

Herb Zinser's Science War reports - gravity
The EARTH LAB...Earth Atlas battle in Milwaukee at S. 16th Street at Atlas (data bus) BUS Sales party and the shooting death of Jake Gerard.....known in astrophysics gravity life humanoid format as

Jake G --> Gravity
Jake G = universal gravitational constant city laws of Nature
.....G ... un .....the shooting gun is a tool used in the gravity WAR on EARTH.

Universities are familiar with gravity and its interaction with the atomic mass inside the human brain. Thus ..over the centuries ..this interaction mechanism ...between brain mass and the gravity field...has according to Darwin's theory of gravity evolution ...allowed gravity waves to pick up brain mass THOUGHTS. After a few hundred years of this process...the gravity waves have acquired their own gravity THOUGHT abilities...their own gravity LIFE.

Thus the current view of the situation in 2 steps is:

1st --> today ...we consider them as 2 independent life/thought formats:
Gravity thought waves with symbolic life and grammer --> humans with possible thoughts. Thoughts are considered math, physics, biochemisty....nonsense is not considered a serious, abstract significant thought...unless you are an undercover agent for Nature's investigative project into nonsense and tricks.

2nd --> then given their separate identities....we realize that gravity does flow into our bodies and brain ...and the interaction process will continue.....BUT...under what parameters. Thus a smart HUMAN brain that works in harmony with Nature's intellect and within Nature's laws ....probably will have a good relationship...a good THOUGHT marriage with gravity life. But this basically works with older and wiser people.....over 46 ....over 56 (atomic weight of Hemoglobin iron), over 66 (gravity number 6.6 etc...)

Thus we see the component of the gravity field....gravity field WAR....and how the gravity life can take control of the human brain atomic mass...and implant thoughts ....... social behavior  or social policy thoughts.  Thus a  human being speaking about social economic policy  is just a vehicle for the gravity THOUGHT data field.
Universities are familiar with gravity fields,etc ...ask them for the details of their secret worlds. But you can figure it out for yourself...spend 10 hours a week for several weeks...and think it thru. 

G = universal gravitational constant
For example Route 66  from  Chicago to California  was  a gravity research highway.
The math exponent  11  in the above equation was used in the construction of the  word:  SKU11.
If you buy seven-up soda at a 7-11 convenience store you are doing advanced  DNA/gravity biochemistry  calculations.
That is   ...7 Nitrogen atom  + 4 DNA nitrogenous bases --> SKU11
Why is this a process of Nature.....a new synthetic biochemistry equation of Nature created by Nature using human agents ...whose subliminal MINDs work  for Nature's evolutionary projects  
This is related to IBM code --> CODE level 1 for molecule CO subscript 1 (carbon monoxide)
The next step was  code------> CODE level 2 for molecule CO2  (carbon dioxide....
which is in Seven-up soda and other sodas) ...but that's  another research paper.

In addition to gravity, we must look at computer science..


The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit.
Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror....the copper wire computer systems. The mathematical-physics copper wire electron computer mirror came into existence after the Base 2 math war....known as World War 2 .....really a GALILEO astronomy war over year 1632 book: 2 Chief World Systems.

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16.
Year 16 16......the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein's field theory is better described as Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory. The battle at Virginia TECH on April 16, 2007 was an example of an Einstein base 16 FIELD theory.......battle.FIELD.
Looking at Europe.....we see Computer Earth and its Base 16 hexadecimal geography map..

Now let's  look at the brain cell WALL --> WALL Street Journal newspaper and its Isaac New.ton  reporters ...that is human gravity life formats headquarted  in  NEWTON 's gravity experimental  city of New York City.  Specifically, let's look at their  Computer Earth  gravity system 370    economic reports on the ECB = Event Control Block involving bio-computers. 

Translation of the secret English language codes of the newspaper writers.

--> Greek leader = G leader -->   G = Universal gravitational  constant 

--> 11-day Greek  implies the math exponent 11 of  Gravity

--> Prime Minister Lu =Logical Unit

--> euro bloc --> secret   brain radio  neurotransmitter data streams of blocked data records .
The word:   neurotransmitter has subset word --> euro
bloc --> bio-computer   data blocks of data records  OR the Earth system with city blocks ..which are really data blocks on LAND = Local area Network Data ...this is the centuries old geography/geology computer system of Earth well-known to university  professors

--> European Central --> IBM system 370 Central Processing Unit  in  the Earth /people format

Greek economy --> Gravity economy with symbolic life of physics/math/ chemistry/engineering symbols and equations .....that is the brain  life of the Greek alphabet letters that represent science concepts and math in the SCIENCE WARS for control of Earth from social science nonsense.

$11 billion --> Gravity 11 and SKU11 ..messages for the Oddone  atomic bio-physics SKU11.

European Commisson algebra subset letters nCo --> Numerical Control sytems inspection

ECB -->
  1. Synchronizing tasks (WAIT, POST, and EVENTS macros) - IBM
    An event control block (ECB) is used with the WAIT, EVENTS or POST macros; it is ... You can specify that control is to be passed by an SVC or a PC instruction.
Thus we see the U.S.ARMY data processing  EARTH LAB experiment  in 1990 with President Bush, SR = Systems Region test ...with IRAQ / kuWAIT  EVENT.      Thus   myopic DARPA  and think tanks  ought enhance their gestalt perceptions of world events  ....beside their restaurant concept of a WAIT the food WAITER instructions on what they wish to eat from the menu.
It helps to consider other views .....besides those ELITE views of superior universities and their graduates.
Nature's intellect   wants accurate answers ...not  some approved song and dance by a select educated group.   The world is a big place .... and to attack Nature is not wise.

  1. Arthur Schopenhauer: The World as Will and Idea - Similar
    SCHOPENHAUER'S magnificent work, The World as Will and Idea (Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung), published in 1819, is not only a masterly exposition of

  1. Squashed Philosophers Abridged Editions - Schopenhauer - World ... - Similar
    Arthur Schopenhauer The World as Will and Idea ...  "We can surely never arrive at the nature of things from without

    Event Control Block Fields
    Define an event control block (ECB) as a 4-byte area on a word boundary. When the channel program has been completed, the system places a completion ...

    Thus the Computer Earth geography English channel program . . . . . . . ....for example year 1944 and  D Day --> DD = Data Definition battle day with the  English and the Normal probability distribution battle symbolized by the Normandy battle 

    1. ECB: European Central Bank home page - Similar
      The Web site of the ECB provides extensive information on the ECB and the European System of Central Banks

    Event Control Block (ECB)

    • 16/04/2012 - ECB Law: Opinion on the Deposit Guarantee Fund and the bank resolution regime (CON/2012/30)
      Denmark, 16.4.2012, 59 kb, da . en
    • 16/04/2012 - ECB Law: Opinion on the Statute of the Bank of Greece (CON/2012/31)
      Greece, 16.4.2012, 148 kb, el . en
    • 13/04/2012 - ECB Law: Opinion on the State fund for guaranteeing the stability of the state pension system (CON/2012/29)
      Bulgaria, 13.4.2012, 139 kb, bg . en
    ECB maps  the system event control block used by wait logic. Boundary: Fullword; Size in bytes: 4 ( 4'). ISTECB OFFSET OFFSET DECIMAL HEX TYPE ...

ECB maps of the  Earth geography computer use the country boundary.    Earth systems are part of the atomic/ astrophysics continuum that has been described in other blogs.

Below, we see the astrophysics/astronomy signal .......G leader = Galaxy Leader see sUn ..agents such as professorial agents  at Cambridge University, Harvard, Princeton, Caltech and other universities and research centers.

Thus we have the astrophysics/astronomy message above.....regarding the EVENT Horizon  .....which would have an EVENT Control Block  in the Solar System 370  architecture with 9 planets =  8 data bit planets and   1 error checking parity bit planet. Thus we see the ROLE of agent Cambridge University agent Professor Stephen W. Hawking  ..alias
P S W Hawk = Program Status  Word  with Hawking, DAMTP, and the West Road.
GB = Great Britain = Gravity Base ....selected by  Nature for theory and  applications VIA human interfaces.

Cambridge University and the government  of  Great Britain will not discuss  these   gravity/society matters with other selected  representatives of Nature.   Lawyers  will have access to the empirical data  that will require the British government and its universities and corporations  to explain the SCIENCE WARS  and to pay the vast damages by the wars  continuation ...caused by intellectual neglect and arrogance.

Since one is interested....the message has been  to
SUN --> Sun Prairie, Wisconsin  with the
Cambridge University back-up system at Cambridge  Wisconsin   and the
Hubble astronomy back-up system at Hubbleton, Wisconsin  with the
Keck Observatory back-up system in  the Watertown, Wisconsin astronomy region.

Nature .... no longer screws around with the tricks and games of others.

 Are their exceptions .....that will   help  work on the  Russell/Whitehead problem?

  1. Russell and Whitehead wrote in the preface of their PM: ... them for the first ... logicians ancient and modern, had allowed some error to creep ...

  1. The .... with all other logicians, ancient and modern, had allowed some error to creep ... evidence of what Russell and Whitehead learned from Frege about “logi- ...

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