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The Earth molecule model helps explain the Austin, Texas mathematical-physics SCIENCE WAR zone


The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet  Earth) is an  experimental test site...that displays  many interesting features and formats of expression.  Earth ...when considered a living molecular structure comprised of many elements .........both  physical chemistry molecules and  their symbolic molecule images.......along with mathematical-physics .....and  the concepts of molecular cell biology and hematology ,............allow us to understand Nature's message processing system.  A tragic event in Austin, Texas provides the science researcher  and theorist with an abundance of empirical data  ....providing  CLUES useful for Grand Unified Theory.  

The event that attracts scientific curiosity involves   Joe Stack.

  1. Pilot Crashes Into Texas Building in Apparent Anti-IRS | Fox ...,2933,586581,00.htmlCached
    Feb 18, 2010 – A pilot furious with the IRS crashed his small plane into an Austin, Texas, ... The FBI identified the pliot as Joseph Stack, a 53-year-old software engineer. ... Ellington Field, and was conducting an air patrol over the crash area.

  1. Joseph Stack's suicide note | Richard Adams | World news ... - Similar
    Feb 18, 2010 – Horrendous events today in Austin, the state capital of Texas, where a man flew a single-engined airplane into the side of an office building. The plane belonged to Joseph Andrew Stack, a 53-year-old software engineer, who ... The building that Stack's plane rammed into housed IRS offices with 190 staff.

Above, we see that Nature....thru Darwin selection  choose age 53 Joseph Stack to deliver a message about the Austin, Texas  citizen community and their serious    DNA bio-computer software bug awareness defects. The signal of DNA 5 --> 3  ...was sent  by NATURE  via the  DNA hypnosis of the proteins of  age 53 Joe Stack.     The age 53 signal ==>

Let's look at the tragic EVENT as a message about a more complex process of Nature ....and Nature's signals to the University of Texas, Austin.
Nature apparently considers Austin, Texas  social engineering plots as a  BLOT/ a blemish on the surface of EARTH,  How does Nature communicate the violation of molecular space/time  in the Austin region.
Thus  Southern blot analysis of the southern state of Texas, described below.

Using some outlines/models from the traditional lab VIEW ...we can try to understand the EARTH LAB message.  What and how does  Nature.....use traditional, finite, known information   structures used in a molecular cell biology lab / a hematology lab?
Nature   may re-express the traditional lab  model in a new format ...and new way .....such as a EARTH LAB human size event.  various TEXT paragraphs .....we see key words:
---  Identified using a DNA probe
---  Target DNA
---  Southern blot analysis ...DNA is isolated
--- Sorthern blot analysis - endonucleases that cut DNA

The above words/concepts decribe
--  DNA structure Joseph Stack and his airplane probe
--  Target DNA is the IRS building
--  DNA is isolated  .....the frame of mind of Joseph  Stack
--   endonucleases (end of life of Mr.Stack) and the airplane PROBE that  cut the DNA accounting system of  the IRS people

The Southern blot is the southern State of Texas and the social system blot/blemishes  of the city of Austin.
However, the tragic event does provide data that may explain  something about the 11 dimensions of string theory physics and  Earth molecular structure .. a hybrid comprised of actual chemistry molecules....gravity ..information molecules....symbols of nouns and equation ......everything that may exist acccording to the TOE Physics = Theory of Everthing.

  1. Textbook of Hematology: Shirlyn B., Ph.D. McKenzie ... › BooksEducation & ReferenceCached - Similar
    The second edition of Textbook of haematology discusses normal and abnormal haematopoiesis and haemostasis, including anemias and nonmalignant

Let's look at the living EARTH  as some new type of molecular structure that incorporates Picasso cubism,  Salvador Dali surrealism , and a variety  of  other concepts ......and  let's look at a chemistry  molecule rotations.

  1. Organic Chemistry I: Free Rotation Around Single Bonds - Similar
    Rotation does not change this electron distribution; the bond strength remains constant throughout rotation. Because rotation is possible, the molecule can have ...
    681 × 332 - ... the probe onto the target molecule  as shown. [R] is the rotation matrix, ...

  1. Molecular vibration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    A molecular vibration occurs when atoms in a molecule are in periodic motion ... but a linear molecule has 3N – 5 such modes, as rotation about its molecular axis ... vibrations of different parts of the molecule such as different chemical bonds.
    400 × 327 - A rotating nitrogen molecule (N2) emits an electron when hit by an x-ray ...

Thus we have a  well-known concept.  We wish to take that concept of rotation  or math transformation .....
and  describe/outline  Nature's  message system in Austin Texas

a) we start with  a  an advanced science textbook page and its information content,  schematics ,    This exists and  may is used by Nature to help explain some hidden dimensions /existence as predicted by string theory and the Theory of Everything.  This traditional lab model provides us with key words and parameters.

b) Nature uses some rotation of space/time  and/or mathematical- physics  process

c) the original parameters of step a .... are rotated/ transformed  into a new format to help display a new type of existence  .....and give it VISIBLE expressions...such as the Joseph Stack signaling event.

Thus, we see the original parameters from step a     AND    we see the end result .    What is the hidden existence and its features   ....that exists  in-between?

Let's  look at a example ..

STEP a)  cellulose book page ...  data ..such as shown  below

.Above we have  a  diagram  and some word text.
As stated by the Hematolgy author on page 440  "DNA is a blueprint".

Now, consider the above diagram    and   the word text a  possible  blueprint...... an architectural blueprint for an  EVENT of many events  in the daily  up/down activities of a city  like  Austin

The above key components:
---  the diagram  and  
----  the horizontal line of  words:   sections on glass slides.

If we go to EARTH LAB and its large sizes ...we look for a glass slide.....or something equivalent ot a glass slide....would be the glass sides of modern office buildings...which are mostly glass.

Rotating the horizontal  WORD space   " section on a glass slide"   to  vertical words ..... and then seeking a physical representation of those words ...we would have  the EARTH LAB  office building glass slide  ....below.

Thus we see the EARTH LAB event above:

==> 5  3  --> age 53 Joseph Stack DNA messenger for  5 --> 3

  1. Directionality (molecular biology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    DNA and RNA are synthesized in the 5' to 3' direction. ... of naming carbon atoms in the nucleotide sugar-ring numerically gives rise to a 5′-end and a 3′-end ...

==> the arrow vector in the  diagram becomes the  airplane PROBE

==>  the glass slide becomes the glass sides of the office building

==> Heat to 95 degrees C becomes the  the IRS office building fire

===> High pH ...refers to the education  levels PhD at the University of Austin...that may wish to consider the 11 dimensions of string theory  and may wish to  understand the city of Austin and is welcome to help study this event.

Now in the above process we rotated the images 90 geometry degrees.   Does Nature have a new, evolved version of space /time on the surface of earth?  Was  EARTH ...perhaps attacked by some space/time entity from elsewhere in the Solar System?  Remember, the 1st major attack took place around year 1616 the astronomy battle for control of EARTH......known in history books as:

Galileo the DEFENDER (of EARTH from the invasion).

Returning to the rotation of pages and images .....and noticing that the rotation helps explain a very real tragic event ....we still have a lot of study and research to do.  This is just a brief outline.

We notice the rotation of the  textbook PAGE   by  90 geometry degrees into  a vertical PAGE ....and the vertical page symbols ...somehow...get translated into actual people and activities....whose end result is some tragic SIGNAL ...... the only signals that get attention in the newspaper PAGES.

Now....let's consider Computer Earth system 370  address space .....such as the  Base 16 hexadecimal address space of the White House... BASE 16 and the data processing President at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   The IBM system 370 OS/JCL SNA VTAM  copper-wire computers provides a good parallel model for Computer Earth system 370 .......that is ..... the concepts and words  of the IBM system  are useful in describing the Computer Earth system 370 ...itself a subset of the Solar System 370 comprised of 9 data bit planets ( 8 data bits planets and 1 error checking parity bit planet).

Now back to Computer EARTH system 370 and the earth geography pages.
DuPage County near FermilAB in the Chicago region...suggests that  Nature has  a DuPAGE  =  Double Page  processor comprised of the DUPAGE County geography computer PAGE   and the oxygen atomic mass 16 Base 16 computer pages used at FermiLAB  bio-computer processors with LU =  Logical Unit = LUNG. The oxygen pages .....are still a theory.....that has some relationship to the optical nerve data processing pages .....but the Ferengi  (FermiLAB engineering) and Odo (Oddone) are still working on that.o

These are theories ...that need more study and data.

Let's continue.....
a) we have Computer Earth system 370
b) we have the DuPAGE ..suggesting geography computer pages
c) we have the Virginia TECH april 16 base 16 RAM  Page error ..resulting in a shooting

d) we have the Fort Hood, Texas   bio-computer expression the Soldier READ Center ...
read a computer manual on RAM PAGE   messages --> shooting RAMpage

  1. Random-access memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    Example of writable volatile random-access memory: Synchronous Dynamic RAM modules, primarily used as main memory in personal computers, workstations ...

  1. RAM Memory Upgrade:  Alzheimer's memory report 

    Dell --> Wisconsin Dells brain computer upgrade
    Mac --> Big Mac stomach macro subroutine

    Apple --> Appleton Wisconsin bio-computers  drives ... - Similar
    Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important factor in buying a memory upgrade for your laptop or computer. Your RAM must be compatible with your ...

e) year 1963 DP = Data Processing = Dealey Plaza = DP  = Dallas People  bio-computer war  with Base 16 computer earth address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ......represented by Kennedy   VS  the Texas bio-computer assembly language people  processor.

  1. Texas Stands Against Tide in Retaining Biennial Legislature ...
    Dec 30, 2010 – Texas is one of just four states whose legislatures meet every two years, ... a constitutional amendment enabling the Legislative Assembly to ...

The Texas assembly programmed the bio-computer brain of OSWALD    using  OS/JCL  commands. The murder of OSWALD  (OS/JCL agent )    was done by the people  manipulators in TEXAS programming routing ...using the VTAM RU .....the brain computer of  RU agent =  Ruby = Request unit byte.  The secret  societies in the SOUTH  and in Texas ...could care less about anything.

Given the above background of Computer Earth pages ......and bio-computer system HISTORY  ...and space/.time systems of  Einstein's  data processing DATA FIELD theory and applicationns.... one suspects that  Texas has some schemes  and plots up their sleeeve ...considering the false, inaccurate analysis of the Kennedy assassination, their savings and loan real estate racketts around 1980, their sloppy intellectual explanation of the living Earth cell  BP= Base Pairs signal    as displayed  by the BP = British Petroleum accident,  the omission of major details of the JOE Stack event, the TEXACO oil event, the list goes on.

The surrealistic world of the universities in Texas, Oklahoma, Penn States, Virginia TECH,etc.

Given the above background of Computer Earth pages appears that the original page was a  geography surface PAGE.  This would make sense hundreds of years ago ....up until...say 1960 ...when new concepts of pages were developed using copper wire computers and their software.   Now, it appears ...starting around year 2000    and the Y2K  time boundary line......that EARTH has acquired/ has evolved with some new features .......such as the rotation and coordinates change and format change ....  of the traditional laboratory glass slide   to the  IRS building glass sides ..denoting a much larger LAB specimen.

In a traditional lab glass slide usage ......cells, viruses, bacteria, etc ....are placed on the glass slide  and then placed underneath a microscope to to magnified to a more VISIBLE level.  Hey, I remember  1 or 2 things from my Sarasota  High School  biology class over 40 years  ago.

Now, it seems that the "Man on the MOON"  is looking at EARTH .....and sees the office building with glass sides a glass slide ............and from the distant  MOON observation position ....the people in the glass  office building are just cellular objects to be studied ....and these cell objects have accounting systems,  body languages, coffee machines,  meetings............ actually a new VIEW ...from the MAN on the MOON.

Maybe, when the United States landed a men on the moon...we set some new precedent for Nature!

The Earth  as a  molecular structure .... has the city of CH = Carbon / Hydrogen (organic chemistry) represented  by the city of CH = Chicago.  The  experimental  organic city has many is  called Austin.   That Austin area .....using supersymmetry  physics / parallel processing  is  a  partial mirror to Austin, Texas.

Thus we have CLUES a puzzle ....with some speculative ideas.   Regardless, the puzzle MUST be figured the  lack of curiosity and  awareness  .....the   TEXAS mental attitude ...spreads around the country.

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